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Our Dispute policy with PayPal :

Your satisfaction is important to us. If you have a problem with a transaction, please let us know and we will work with you to resolve the issue. Use the Contact link in the right menu. We will make every effort to respond to all customer service inquiries within two working days. Any payment that has been done by fraud (when your card has been used by someone else and you have reported the issue with the police) can be reversed. The main principle however is that we do not refund valid payments that you make knowingly, even if you later decide that you are dissatisfied with our services.  The domain name/service that you pay for is considered as being fully delivered/rendered before you make the payment, to your full satisfaction, making a later dispute irrelevant, except in case of fraud. You will not lodge a dispute with PayPal, and you hereby instruct PayPal not to rule in your favour, should you lodge a dispute, except in case of fraud. Any commercial problem will be sorted out directly between you and us, and will not put any of your payments in jeopardy. You will not ask PayPal to take side. This policy is applicable to all the domains you have registered with us.